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Nicori Studios and Productions | Corinna Sowers Adler and Nicholas AdlerEducate.

NiCori is dedicated to educating both amateur and seasoned performing artists alike.  Voice lessons, musical theatre classes, acting workshops, songwriting workshops, dance classes, and technical theatre workshops are all part of the curriculum that makes NiCori the place to create grow as an artist, a performer, and a person.


NiCori Studios and Productions believes that nurturing the whole person is as important as training the instrument of our performers.  Here are some testimonials from students, parents, and cast members whose lives have been changed after working with us.

“I’ve been with Corinna and NiCori for about 5 years now and I can honestly say it’s made me the person and performer I am today” – Gerry Mastrolia


Our studio members use their skills to create incredible performances in Theatre, Musical Theatre, Cabaret, and Concert Series’.  We are excited to partner with several incredible arts partners who help to facilitate these shows including the Westminster Arts Center, the Metropolitan Room, the Irvington Town Hall Theater, the Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center, and Farmstead Arts.



Looking back on 2017 and on our partnership with Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center

Testimonials & Core Values

2018 Plans & Thank You