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NiCori’s Luke Surretsky Joins Corinna In The Spotlight At Jazz at Lincoln Center

Corinna Sowers Adler Presents The Spotlight at Appel Room

by Sophia Romma 


On an unusually damp Sunday evening of June 4, Studio Senakwami presented The Spotlight at the Appel Room of Frederick P. Rose Hall, hosted by three time Excellence in Theatre Education Tony Award nominee, Corinna Sowers Adler. Reminiscent of a luxurious Greek Amphitheater, the performers seemed to be free floating in mid-air—suspended in time against the breathtaking backdrop of an emerald green Central Park and the infinite Manhattan Skyline, while the audience hovered above the stage, engaged as surreal spectators. The Spotlight, an acclaimed Studio Senakwami production, returned to Jazz at Lincoln Center, featuring eclectically diverse performances from young emerging musicians and performers as well as seasoned artists. The noble mission of Studio Senakwami is to crack open the iron-clad doors in seeking out performance opportunities for artists/musicians and to cultivate young struggling musicians dedicated to their professional goals in an effort to remain steadfast in their aspirations of a musical vocation.


Another student performer, Luke Surretsky, wooed the audience and his parents with an homage to musical theater followed by a suave Frank Sinatra jingle.


Luke Surretsky


Andrea Frierson


T. Oliver Reid


Kristoffer Lowe, DC Anderson, Corinna Sowers Adler, T. Oliver Reid, Andrea Frierson

All photos by Maryann Lopinto

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