NiCori’s Megan & Kiera Moynahan Join Corinna To Salute Henry, Sweet Henry At 54 Below

54 Sings Henry, Sweet Henry

By Joel Benjamin

Henry, Sweet Henry, the 1967 Broadway musical, based on Nora Johnson’s comic novel, The World of Henry Orient wasn’t a hit, but it also wasn’t a total flop. Admired by many for its smart book and wonderful songs, it has become a minor cult oddity.

Producer/director/adaptor Steven Carl McCasland and music director James Horan assembled a game cast, headed by original cast member Neva Small as narrator, to breathe life into a mini-version of the musical.

Just as in the film, the musical takes the story of two unpopular teens, Valerie Boyd (Beada Briglia, tough and big-voiced), a rich, neglected smarty and Megan Gilbert (a sweet Megan Moynahan)… The one that doesn’t bet away is Valerie’s mother, Mrs. Boyd (Corinna Sowers-Adler, singing and acting with her usual skill) which leads to a new closeness between Valerie and her too-often-absent dad, Mr. Boyd (a sympathetic Eric Knitel) who unite against the cheating wife/mother.